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When it comes to innovation, commitment and creativity, our TODAHIKA team leads by example. Every day, they put our mission into practice by embracing these core values.


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Suzhou Todahika Technology Co., Ltd. is aprofessional service provider on the solutionofInternet information technology, mainproducts include industrial switch, industrialwire and electric control box, etcWe are committed to providing a wide rangeof industry solutions from our customerspain points,ensuring complete delivery ofproduct solutions to all over the world, andfollowing up on every project and even everydevice to build a secure, convenient and efficient environment for intelligent IOT applications.

COMPANY PROFILE (1)  Professional OEM

Professional OEM partners, customized solutions, high quality products, excellent cooperation experience.

 COMPANY PROFILE (2) Autonomous R & D Product

Support customization, complete quality assurance.

COMPANY PROFILE (1)  Best Service

Customize the perfect after-sales for every customer.


Manufacture & Quality Test

Manufacture & Quality Test (1)

Quality Materials

Our quality control team performs various tests on materials, such as cosmetic inspections, physical and chemical property tests, material composition analysis, etc.

Manufacture & Quality Test (2)

Surge Testing

Stability testing using software to simulate traffic impact and stress in real environments.

Manufacture & Quality Test (3)

Factory Testing

12 production processes to strictly control the production quality.

Manufacture & Quality Test (4)

Product Sampling

All products are packed in Safe packing with cardboard boxes and foam cotton.

Professional R&D Team

Professional R&D team (1)

Industrial-Grade Import Chip

Equipped with imported chips, the industrialenvironmentis stable and reliable.

Professional R&D team (2)

Professional R&D Team

Support customization, completequality assurance.

Professional R&D team (3)

Advanced Equipment

We have automated production lines and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

What We Do

Our solutions are tailored to overcome the unique challenges facing specific
demanding environments.

What We Do (4)


Highly reliable onboard, trackside, and station-based train systems work together to make sure that trains will run on time while maximizing safety and capacity.

What We Do (5)

Oil & Gas

Critical oil and gas assets need the highest level of security, performance, and reliability from components operating in demanding conditions.

What We Do (2)

Intelligent Transportation

Transportation is the lifeblood of any region, and the right convergence of real- time data creates intelligent transportation systems that are healthy and efficient.

What We Do (6)


We are making the world's power grid more intelligent from end-to-end to distribute energy safely and efficiently in an increasingly energy-conscious world.

What We Do (3)


Modern manufacturing is becoming even more efficient and productive thanks to the power of secure, reliable, and integrated industrial Ethernet networks.

What We Do (1)


We deliver the combination of high performance, reliability, and display quality that shipboard systems need in order to meet the rigors of marine operations.